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Choosing the right home inspector does not have to be difficult. When you hire The BrickKicker for your inspections needs, you will not only receive premiere customer service but also our highly trained inspectors using the professional equipment you rely upon. Our consultative and solution oriented approach followed by an industry leading graphical report will present you with the knowledge necessary to purchase your home intelligently. We will meet and exceed your home inspection expectations needs, we guarantee it.

Professionally Trained Inspectors

The rapid growth of home inspections nationally over the past fifteen years has created the opportunity for lesser trained or inexperienced inspectors to enter the marketplace. This allows numerous eager critics the ability to expose those without proper qualifications or credentials. The BrickKicker has developed a proven strategy for training its inspectors and developing a curriculum supported by a dynamic classroom interaction, hands-on labs, field-tested exposure and an apprenticeship others can only mimic.

Distinguished Credentials

The BrickKicker training program offers a proven, trusted standard of superiority that is accepted and acknowledged by chief industry associations including:



And Several Other Practicing Experts!

In order to provide each of The BrickKicker franchises with distinguished credentials, we have established our own training entity; the BrickKicker University (BKU). Each franchisee is required to go through classroom instruction, lab experience, and field exposure, trained by seasoned industry professionals and accomplished instructors.

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The BrickKicker History

The BrickKicker has come a long way as a home inspection company since being founded in 1989. Our dedication to "Excellence in Service Quality" has played a fundamental role in getting us to where we are today. Take a look at our history and milestones to get an idea of what The BrickKicker is, where we come from, and where we plan on going from here!

  • 1989Len Franckowiak founded The BrickKicker in 1989. Len loved residential architecture along with the challenge of identifying the nature of the component systems that made up ‘whole of the house’. Upon years of building and rehab projects being completed and quality inspected, Len gained a unique understanding of excellence vs sub-par craftsmanship. He was also a student of ‘cause-effect’ deficiency analysis. In short, Len was a natural home inspector.
  • 1995Carrying a basic philosophy of ‘Excellence in Service Quality’, we captured the spirit of Len’s vision providing home inspections and related services to the real estate industry. Every BrickKicker was trained and field tested in technical competence, communication skills, and tactical service presence. We became the standard of professionalism. As The BrickKicker reputation developed, our staff expanded and so did the company vision. By 1995, having become the premier home inspection company in Chicagoland, we entered a growth phase by franchising our brand across other markets of the country. Each new location would embrace the founding principles that Len believed in.
  • 2016 +Today, our Headquarters still holds a prominent market share in the Chicagoland market. The BrickKicker is also represented by invested franchised owners throughout the country. We are constantly making improvements and adjustments to every area of our company to ensure that we always brings you the best inspection experience possible. With our top-notch team and outstanding customer service, you can rest assured knowing The BrickKicker brings you quality today, and in the many years to come!

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