The BrickKicker of Athens

Mike Leggett

Mike Leggett

ASHI Certified Inspector


The BrickKicker of Athens is a professionally trained and certified home inspector you can trust. Whether you are a home buyer, seller or existing homeowner, The BrickKicker will fit all of your home inspection needs. We offer detailed home inspections, comprehensive inspection reports, home maintenance advice as well as unique reporting and peripheral services.

The BrickKicker has been servicing Northeast Georgia since 2005. Through the years, we have helped over 2,000 homebuyers purchase their homes with confidence. In addition, to home inspections, we are also trained and certified to perform radon measurement, mold inspections, and indoor air quality testing.

Our home inspectors have been certified through the Pro Star Academy. Each trained to inspect all major elements of the property, providing their qualified opinion on the present condition, operation and function of your home. You are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany your inspector through the home. Once completed, you will receive a comprehensive report and descriptive overview of the condition of the home from the ground up, along with maintenance advice and tips.

Mike Leggett joined The BrickKicker with over 15 years in the construction and home improvement industry. He is an ASHI Certified Inspector, an NACHI member and passed the National Home Inspector Exam to provide an unbiased, valid and reliable assessment of his skill, knowledge and experience. He believes in going above and beyond the standards in training and education and strives to promote a culture of continuous improvement within the company.

Our Services

- Home Air Check - Including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Mold VOCs
- Residential Inspections
- Termite/Pest Inspections & Clearance Letters
- New Construction Inspections
- Radon Testing
- Mold Testing
- Lead & Asbestos Testing
- Home Maintenance Review (HMR) Inspections
- Pre-Listing Inspections
- Pre-Sale Inspections
- Commercial Inspections
- One Year New Home Warranty Inspections
- Foreclosed Housing Inspections

BrickKicker Convention
  • Teresa
  • Marc & Patty 
  • Mary Beth
  • "Mike was awesome! Not only did he gladly let me tag along for the entire inspection, he answered all my questions intelligently, and even let me follow him up onto the roof. He actually provided me with an extra set of coveralls and gloves so I could go with him under the crawlspace. Unbelievably, he kept his cool after crawling over a giant nest filled with opossums that was hidden under the moisture barrier. He not only finished the inspection, he actually went back to get a picture of the nest for the inspection report! As has been noted in other reviews, he is more than thorough, and identified several serious items that needed to be addressed in the home that I wouldn't have seen on my own. This guy earned his fee and then some! I'll be recommending him to all my friends and family who are purchasing homes in the area."

  • "Due to the Inspection process he quickly imported our inspection same evening and because of his thoroughness we were able to knock off an additional 22K on the purchase price. We are very happy to have chosen Brickkickers to do our Inspection! Thanks so much!"
    Marc & Patty 
  • "Mike was incredibly professional and helpful, and was patient with my inexperience. Setting up the appointment was painless and the representative was incredibly friendly and personable. I feel much more confident taking on this property after this inspection. Thank you!" 

    Mary Beth