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We offer a wide variety of services for commercial and residential properties, including environmental issues like radon or asbestos.


For over 28 years, The BrickKicker has been educating home owners on the components of the home, thus helping buyers and sellers to make intelligent decisions.


The BrickKicker commercial inspection is designed to assist you in understand your building inside and out. Our inspectors have been thoroughly trained, know what to expect, and how important your building is to you.


You could be co-existing with several harmful substances or hazards including: radon, mold, lead, asbestos or pests. Let The BrickKicker be your environmental resource.

About Us

Len Franckowiak founded The BrickKicker in 1989. Len loved residential architecture along with the challenge of identifying the nature of the component systems that made up the ‘whole of the house’. Upon years of building and rehab projects being completed and quality inspections, Len gained a unique understanding of excellence vs sub-par craftsmanship.
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Services in the Picture:
- Pool & Spa Inspections
- Pest & Termites
- Mold & Asbestos
- Electrical

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Pool Testing

Pool and Spa

Many new homeowners have never experienced owning a pool or a spa.  Your BrickKicker inspector understands the requirements for fencing, electric, filtering, and heating equipment. In addition we can also help identify issues with the liner, deck or other elements of this wonderful feature of your home.

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Electrical Inspection


The visible elements of the electric distribution in your home will be inspected. This includes identifying the size of your service, type of distribution, grounding source and wiring used.  Properly installed electric is essential to avoid unwanted fires or electrocution potentials.

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one beautiful house with two floors (3d render)

Termites and Pests

Many geographical locations of the country have tremendous issues with wood destroying organisms. These include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees or other insects. Regardless of location or frequency, The BrickKicker understands what conditions might lead to pest damage while helping to identify and describe certain environments to avoid these unwanted pest.

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one beautiful house with two floors (3d render)

Mold and Asbestos

Housing systems in years past used asbestos as an insulator or for fire protection. Today, this is not an accepted practice and identification is important. Furthermore, Mold can grow in any home regardless of location or demographics. It only takes a dark moist environment and a steady temperature. Both mold and asbestos are potentially harmful and identifying their presence can protect you and your loved ones.

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People Love Us

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The BrickKicker is a very professional and well run company. Everything was easy with clear communications and timely follow up. Our inspector in particular, Kurt, was exceptional. He was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to my wife and I, and answered all of our questions in a pragmatic and easy to understand way. I would absolutely use them again and would recommend them to anyone.


I had an inspection done yesterday and it was a great experience.  Not only did he have me as his shadow so he could show me everything, but was a joy to be around.  We went through every nook and cranny in the house and he even pointed out ways with how to fix some of the minor stuff we found.  His experience in the field showed and will definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to buy a home!


They were prompt and conducted a very thorough inspection! He allowed me to shadow him the whole time and explained any concerns that he had regarding the condo. He was very specific to point out things that not only were immediate concerns but also items that he would recommend monitoring in the future to ensure that the condo was safe and in good condition. I highly recommend BrickKicker.


The BrickKicker is a company based on morals, values and treats others the way they would want to be treated! They are a stand up company with an amazing leadership team!



Just had The BrickKickers inspect a house. They are WONDERFUL. They looked at everything and were very nice, polite, and professional. I’d use them again. Vince did a great job.


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