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ANGEL Bears of Hope

Currently Angel Bears are being provided to patients from coast to coast one Angel Bear at a time. This is a grass roots operation built on the generous donations of individuals and business who donate their time to prepare the Angel Bears for their patients and distribute the Angel Bears to their hospitals. These bears are created from donations and delivered by angels throughout the country. Some angels are able to sponsor the purchase of the bears. Others might sponsor the delivery or personally deliver the bears to the hospitals.

Recently The BrickKicker of Naperville was able to help out Angel Bears of Hope. We sponsored the delivery of 100 bears to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Bears Ready to Ship These 100 Angel Bears will help 100 patients through this very difficult time in their young little lives. The cost to ship 10 bears from Naperville to Arizona was less than $15.00. The look on one of the recipients of the bears will be priceless. If you would like more information about Angel Bears of Home please check them out at: If you would like to see The BrickKicker do something to help this organization on a National level please let us know.